Issa Dembele balafon, vocals, percussion
Adama Koné kora, vocals, djembe, dundun, tanssi
Ossi Raippalinna drums, percussion
Issiaka Dembele balafon, kamelen ngoni, vocals, percussion
Jaakko Arola saxophone, flute, bass clarinet
Mikko Veijonen saxophone
Tomi Pekkola guitar , djelingoni
Pothio Ndiaye bass

The band is led by Issa Dembele, an award-winning balafon master from Burkina Faso.  Kora soloist Adama Koné is a top-talented griot musician from Mali. Percussionist and drummer Ossi Raippalinna has studied traditional griot music and instrument building in Senegal, Burkina Faso, and Mali.  Musician, composer, and griot Issiaka Dembele is an internationally known multi-talent in the field of West African traditional music.

The band can perform with 2-8 people.

info (at)
tel. +358407438906