Faso Kan htyeen uusi levy Tungaladen julkaistiin toukokuussa 2023.  Tilaa levy itsellesi: https://www.globalmusic.fi/fi/shop/cdt/faso-kan-tungaladen

Tungaladen, eli ”seikkailija”on yhtyeen ensimmäinen albumi ja sen julkaisee Maailman musiikin keskus – Global Music Centre. 

Faso Kan’s new album Tungaladen (Adventurer) highlights elements from West African music and storytelling tradition. In griot families the wisdom of the ancestors has been passed from generation to generation during centuries in the form of stories, music and dances. Each member of the band brings their musical adventures and expertise into the mix. The shared love for music results in a musical meeting of diverse cultures, the past, and the future.